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Understanding How To Use Your Fascinate Assessment Results

There’s a certain magic in understanding how you can bring your best to everything you do.

Which is why I love the Fascination Advantage System, as it helps you unlock your personality superpowers and communicate at your highest – and best – value.

The personality assessment is incredibly powerful, but one of the most common questions I get is how to use this information in the retail environment. We love to learn about ourselves, but the key is to take that information and make it relevant to what we do on a day-to-day basis.

Once you have your assessment results, here are a few ways for you to put it action:

Aligning Your Fascination Advantage with the Retail Brand

Each of the 7 fascination advantages communicate best using a specific superpower, and this holds true for both individuals and brands.



Think about your advantages and then what the fascination advantage is of the brand you work for. How does the brand you work for communicate? What’s the perception of that brand in the marketplace?

For example, a brand like Apple is based on innovation and the idea of changing the rules of the game. While a brand like Louis Vuitton is definitely prestige as it’s about excellence and being outstanding.

When you look at the brand you work for, you’ll find that either  your advantages are aligned or that there’s a mismatch.

If your advantages are aligned to the retail brand, this means you’ll be able to bring that to the table and truly live the brand. As you embody the same way of showing up in the world, you’ll be able to help the company move the agenda forward in a way that’s a true asset to the team.

What happens if your advantages are the complete opposite of those of the retail brand you work for? Typically, brands are going to attract people with the same advantages, so if you work for a trust brand and your primary advantage is passion, you can be an advocate for different points of view.

If you find yourself consistently at odds with the brand’s communication style or way of doing things, that could be a clue that you may be better suited working for a retailer that is closer to your top two advantages.

Use Your Advantage to Get Hired or Promoted

Your fascination advantages are a true superpower, so you can use them to help you get hired or even promoted.

Think about the advantages of the retail brand you work for, as well as what advantages would be considered an asset for the position you’re seeking.

Perhaps you’re looking to move into the role of store manager. Identify how your advantages would best serve that role. For example, if passion is your advantage, you can focus on your ability to build strong working relationships. If alert is your advantage, you can focus on how amazing you are with the details.
The key is to play to your superpowers and to be able to demonstrate how they are the ideal fit for the role.

Even if you look at the role and think that your advantages may not be a great fit, dig a bit deeper. Many times, being different than other candidates will help you stand out, and it’s up to you to show how you’re going to bring something unique to the role.

Leverage Your Advantages Daily

By learning your advantages, you have a touchstone for knowing what you’re amazing at and how you can always add the most value.

Armed with that information, look for ways to leverage those advantages each day. Maybe it’s working with your team or communicating with customers in the store. Whatever it is, focus on what you’re really good at, and find ways to let that shine in everything you do.

For example, if trust is one of your advantages, you can be a force of stability when things are busy or uncertain. Seek out ways to reassure your colleagues and act as the voice of reason when things are changing.

As you focus on your advantages, don’t shy away from sharing what you’re good at with your managers or supervisor. By owning how and when you’re at your best, you’re likely to be seen in that way and provided with opportunities that let you shine.

Balance Out Your Dormant Advantage

If your primary advantages are your superpowers, your dormant advantages are your quicksand.

Your dormant advantage is the mode of communication that is most exhausting and stressful for you. It doesn’t mean you’re necessarily bad in this area, but rather that you’re always going to feel like it’s a lot of extra work.

With your dormant advantage, you’ll want to look for ways to balance it out and, if you can, avoid those situations. (Or at least be prepared for them!) If your dormant advantage is innovation, things like brainstorming sessions are going to feel difficult. Or if your lowest advantage is mystique, you’re not going to like working in isolation or quiet environments.

You may not be able to avoid these situations entirely, but you can get creative about how to work around them so you’re able to show up at your best as much as possible.

The Fascination Advantage is a powerful tool for individuals, teams and brands in retail. I’d love to share more with you how to use the Fascination Advantage System in your retail operation. You can schedule a free consult by emailing me at

Disclosure: As a Certified Fascination Advisor I do receive a commission for any products sold and this post does include affiliate links.


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