The Power of Fascinate for Leadership Coaching in Your Organization

The Power of Fascinate for Leadership Coaching in Your Organization

Years ago, I remember meeting with my manager for my annual review and we’d talk about my accomplishments and the areas where I could improve.

It was a pretty typical performance review, but I found myself feeling a little frustrated with the process as my areas for improvement and determining goals left me feeling flat.

I’m sure you’ve had the same experience of being told you need to work on something that, quite frankly, isn’t that interesting to you.

The reality is that we can’t be good at everything, and as a leader or manager, it’s unrealistic to expect our team to excel in everything they do.

What if, instead, we helped our teams embrace where they can shine, and focus on developing those areas?

The greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. – Sally Hogshead

Uncovering Your Team’s Superpowers

As a leader, it’s up to you to learn each of your team member’s unique superpowers.

The Fascination Personality Assessment can help you to identify each person’s top advantages, which are how they will be able to be most valuable. It also uncovers the dormant advantage, which is where they’re least likely to be fascinating.

Thinking back to that performance review meeting (and others like it), I realize now that my goals and areas for improvement were focused on my dormant advantages, and that everyone would have been better served if we tapped into my superpowers.

My Fascination Archetype is the Wise Owl. My primary advantage is mystique, which is the language of listening, and my secondary is trust, the language of stability.

Everyone would have been better served by understanding that I am highly observant, assured and steadfast. I’m logical and even-keeled. My highest value is that I am watchful of the details and approach problems systematically to find the best solutions.

As a leader, by using the Fascination Advantage, you’ll have a powerful understanding of your team so you can help to ensure their happiness and ultimately, success in their career.

Managing to Your Team’s Strengths

As I took on more responsibility and moved into the role of manager and coach, I quickly realized that my team performed better when I let them operate within their zone of genius.

Instead of trying to get them to do things they weren’t good at, I managed to their individual strengths, which helped make the entire team stronger.

Often, the impulse as a leader is to assign specific qualities as requirements for each role. We default to thinking that our team must have a certain quality, when really, it’s up to us to identify what assets they bring to the table and to help them use them to perform their role.

As the creator of the Fascination Advantage System, Sally Hogshead shares in her book How the World Sees You, that by identifying each team member’s advantages, you can help each employee rise in value and collaborate to improve overall results.

That was definitely the case with my team as the more everyone was encouraged to operate at their highest and best value, the better results we achieved overall and the more we were able to fascinate!

Better Team Communication

If you’ve ever been part of a team that’s struggling to gel, you know how painful it can be.

Communication styles can clash, there’s miscommunication and things become much more challenging than they need to be.

At the core of this is often a lack of understanding of what people do best, how they best communicate and where people struggle.

Using the fascination advantage, you can help your team learn how to connect with one another.

For example, remember my primary advantage is mystique, which is the language of listening. This means in a team setting, I do a lot of listening and take my time to consider how to respond. This could be frustrating for a colleague with primary passion as they’re all about the relationship and may take my silence for being standoffish or disengaged.

With this scenario, my teammate would benefit from knowing that with mystique, I’m actually very engaged but I’m taking in all the information to say something that will truly help the team and add to the discussion.

In short, when you leverage the fascination advantage with your team, you can take your communications from frustrated to fascinating.

Want to Learn How to Lead with the Science of Fascination?

The Power of Fascinate for Leadership Coaching in Your Organization

As a leader, the Fascination Advantage can be a game changer. You can schedule a free consult by emailing me at to chat about how to use fascination with your team.

Disclosure: As a Certified Fascination Advisor I do receive a commission for any products sold and this post does include affiliate links.

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