Lisa delivers powerful, motivational talks inspired by her personal health story and extensive business career.

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Lisa Hutcheson Motivational Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Lisa delivers powerful talks inspired by her personal health story and extensive business career. Lisa also offers Signature Talks on specific topics based on her experience of discovering self-awareness, resilience, and reinvention. Contact her to learn more.

Lisa Hutcheson Speaker on Managing Stress

Workshops and Training

Lisa Hutcheson is a certified Fascination Advisor who administers the unique program, How To Fascinate®. Lisa employs the science-based personality and behavioural assessments to help evaluate the unique advantages that differentiate individuals.

Lisa Hutcheson Motivational Speaker

Vision Board Workshop

You have the power to create whatever you want…greater happiness, deeper fulfillment, more abundance…. It all starts with a vision! Learn how to create focus, use a unique toolkit to live your life in alignment, and implement The Law of Attraction.

Lisa Hutcheson Speaker on Managing Stress


Lisa coaches Executive Leadership and individuals giving them tools and systems that will not only develop them to become more effective communicators but also better leaders and team members.

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“I cried yet ended feeling so inspired!”


I thought I was managing my stress fine by myself. Hearing Lisa’s story made me realize how important self care is; it was an amazing reminder that we are never alone.



At the age of 43, while working out at the gym, suddenly and without warning, Lisa suffered a cardiac arrest.  Defying the odds changed the course of her life. Lisa is sharing her personal story today to support her mission to bring awareness of the importance of paying attention to our bodies, emotions and most importantly, living authentically.


Lisa Hutcheson is a highly-sought after consultant, speaker, coach and workshop facilitator. Prior to establishing her consulting practice fifteen years ago, Lisa held executive roles with two of Canada’s largest specialty retail chains, where she led internal teams to accomplish major corporate initiatives.

However, January 21, 2009, her life changed course.  Today, Lisa shares her personal story to support her mission to bring awareness of the importance of paying attention to our bodies, emotions, stressors and the importance of living authentically.

Lisa is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with a certificate in Advanced Human Resources from the RotmanSchool of Business. Lisa has a certificate in Adult Education and Training, and is a Certified Coach Practitioner. Lisa is also a Part-time Professor at Seneca College teaching in the School of Fashion Business.

  Lisa Hutcheson Motivational Speaker    Lisa Hutcheson, Keynote Speaker

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”.

  E.E. Cummings

Stress and anxiety can be complete debilitating, affecting all aspects of your life, including work. Lisa knows this first hand. Discover your self true self and live a healthier, happier life. Learn how to manage stress to increase your productivity and start taking care of yourself. Contact Lisa today!

Lisa’s Signature Talks on Stress Management:

• How The World Sees You:  Discover your highest value through the science of FASCINATION
• Permission to be more of who you are with greater self-awareness
• I Had To Die In Order To Truly Live: A Story of Resilience and Reinvention
• It Happened To Me, Don’t Let It Happen To You: Signs and Lessons

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